Turf Grass Maintenance

Turf Connections Turf Maintenance

Keep Your Grass Healthy and Looking Great!

This is probably easier said than done, when you consider how many factors play a role in the health of your grass. No two lawns are the same, so the care they receive shouldn’t be the same either. It’s all about knowing the particular conditions of your property and determining a plan to address its unique needs.

Turf Connections Can Help

The turf experts at Turf Connections have put their heads together and created a list of suggested maintenance practices depending on the variety of grass you’re caring for. These maintenance calendars go through each season and detail exactly how you can keep your lawn looking its best. Each calendar discusses the best practices for mowing, fertilizing, irrigation, weed control, insect control, thatch removal, and renovation. By adjusting these steps to fit the needs of your lawn, we’re confident you’ll be able to keep your grass green and healthy!

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