For the backyard lawn, golf course or the gridiron, we have the grasses you need to create a surface for the safest, smoothest play possible. We even have the grass your lawn needs to be the best on the block. Our top quality grasses are all locally grown right here in South Carolina. This allows us to harvest and install our grass as quickly as possible, ensuring you’ll always receive the best results!

We grow Bermudagrasses and Zoysiagrasses.

Turf Connections has the grass you need for the look and feel you want your surface to have. The varieties we grow are listed below accompanied with specific varietal information. Keep in mind that Turf Connections can also broker additional varieties, if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for. Simply reach out to us today and let us know how we can help!

Which Grass Best Fits Your Needs Or The Needs Of Your Business?

Cavalier™ Zoysia - is distinguished from other zoysiagrass by its fine texture, long, narrow leaves, with low rhizome, but high density stolon production. It has good to excellent salt tolerance, and good shade tolerance.

Palisades™ - , Zoysia japonica, is a vegetatively produced, medium broad textured, high density turf suitable for home lawns, golf fairways and roughs, sports fields, industrial parks, and highway medians.

Premier Pro Bermuda - is a hybrid bermudagrass variety. PremierPRO is unmatched in terms of versatility and durability among other varieties of bermudagrass. Studies show that its vivid green coloration also ranks highly against other varieties. PremierPRO is extremely versatile, easily standing up to the demands of heavy traffic.

TiGrand® - Turf Connections is pleased to announce the addition of TifGrand®(PP21017) to their turfgrass stable, which joins as the first bermudagrass grown on the farm. Turf Connections is one of four producers in SC selected to grow TifGrand®(PP21017) bermudagrass.

Tifway 419 - is an F-1 Hybrid released in 1960 by Georgia Coastal Plain Experiment Station and the plant science research division of ARS. It has darker green color, greater frost resistance, earlier spring growth, greater sod webworm and mole cricket resistance, better herbicide tolerance and stiffer leaf blades than Tiffine or Tifgreen. Tifway is well suited for fine lawns, fairways and golf tee areas.

Trinity Zoysia - is a dwarf variety of zoysiagrass and is the perfect choice for golf courses, from tee to green. With an extremely fine texture, Trinity is also a great option to achieve a well-manicured look for residential or commercial sites as well.

Turf Connections Tall Fescue - The Turf Connections Tall Fescue sod is grown from a blend of three tall fescue varieties and Kentucky Bluegrass. This grass is a popular choice for homeowners, site contractors, landscapers and home builders working with residential lawns–especially areas with partial or full shade.